Who are our clients? It’s hard to pinpoint – it’s a diverse group. Our clients are accounting firms, insurance companies, small and midsize businesses that are all concerned with the people they are hiring. We have established large companies that use our services on a regular basis. Our background search services, depending on what is ordered, will provide the necessary information they are looking for to make an accurate new hire.

Make the right hiring decision every time with background criminal checks from Now Checking You.

They are located throughout the country, with a few residing outside the U.S. They come to us via referrals from friends, attorneys and tax advisors. Some learned about us by reading a news article or by seeing one of us quoted in a publication or online.

  • Verify a job applicant’s criminal history FAST, from instant to 72 hours
  • Be 100% sure of exactly who you’re hiring — NO worries or regrets about hiring the wrong person for the job
  • Protect your business, employees, and customers and enjoy peace of mind with background criminal checks that highlight potential issues you should consider BEFORE hiring
  • COMPLETE criminal conviction records on the county or state level
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) complaint so you never have to worry about legal action
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