Hirevault.com provides a turnkey solution to your Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Start to finish, the HireVault is committed to be at your side throughout the employment process. HireVault is our latest tool to assist you with all your Human Resources needs. Consider our HRIS product your electronic partner, managing all employee and personnel files, providing required documents, sending automatic alerts and maintaining your employee files for your business.

  • We keep you compliant and secure. We retained the largest labor and employment law firm in the World to work on your behalf
  • Lower your legal exposure
  • Applicant Tracking System built-in, with resume parsing technology
  • Cost effective and easy to use, $1.25 per employee, per month average
  • Your data is safe and secure with one of the top data centers in North America
  • Template library of key documents, including a 50 state-approved employee application
  • Assists with legal requirements, ensuring I-9 and W-4 documents are up-to-date
  • Green and Eco-friendly documentation authorization with eSignature, so no need for filing, printing, downloading scanning
  • Automatic backups for all redundant data
  • Scheduled reminders and updates
  • Full management of job postings on your website, applicant tracking, on-boarding and much more
  • Easily upload existing documents to the HireVault and move them online tailored to your HR needs
  • Easy-to-navigate filing and retrieval
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