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Penn State Introduces New Background Check for Final Job Approval

UNIVERSITY PARK – A new Penn State policy, effective July 5, 2012, requires final job candidates and third-party employees ...

Licensing Loophole Allows Convicted Criminals to Become Nurses in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of fourteen states in the U.S. currently not requiring background checks for licensed nurses. Due to a simple yes...

The ROI of Background Screening

The ROI of Background Screening HR Management points of...

Right Management Survey, Impact of a Bad Hire

Right Management Survey Right Management Impact of a Bad Hire,Press Release Key Points: > Lower employee morale

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Points of Interest:

  • Workplace violence accounted for 18 percent of all violent crime.
  • Victims of workplace ...

Interview with SBA’s Karen Mills 6.15.11, Bloomberg

This interview is a must watch for those of you who Have a look: Bloomberg Interview Have a look

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